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Mixing and matching different vaccines seems to work

The news: In a preprint published on Monday, researchers reported that people who got a shot of Oxford-AstraZeneca followed four weeks later by Pfizer-BioNTech had strong immune responses, higher than those who got two doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca, and roughly comparable to those who received two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech.  That’s reassuring news for the countries that have already beenContinue reading “Mixing and matching different vaccines seems to work”

Portrait of an island on fire

On January 9, 2020, Landsat 8 scanned this image of Australia’s wildfire-ravaged Kangaroo Island. With Landsat 9 scheduled to launch in 2021, NASA’s Goddard Media Studios produced the following video about the Landsat program’s history. It includes a cameo appearance by Virginia Tower Norwood ’47, the alumna behind the original Landsat multispectral scanner. NASA’s GoddardContinue reading “Portrait of an island on fire”

Building the dams that doomed a valley

As an MIT senior, Jerome “Jerre” Spurr had paid little attention to the articles in the Boston Globe about the new reservoir planned for Western Massachusetts. But in 1927, just a month before his graduation, he found himself in a face-to-face interview with Frank Winsor, the chief engineer of the massive construction project. Winsor hadContinue reading “Building the dams that doomed a valley”

How do babies perceive the world?

It‘s Ursula’s third time in the functional MRI machine. Heather Kosakowski, a PhD student in cognitive neuroscience, is hoping to get just two precious minutes of data from her session. Even though Ursula has been booked to have her brain scanned for two hours, it’s far from a sure thing. Her first two sessions, alsoContinue reading “How do babies perceive the world?”