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Our favorite photographs from 2021

In 2021 we saw images from the deep reaches of geologic time, to visionaries working on today’s pressing issues, to a glimpse of into a transhuman future. Inside the machine that saved Moore’s LawCHRISTOPHER PAYNE How technology might finally start telling farmers things they didn’t already knowLUCAS FOGLIA The pandemic could remake public transportation forContinue reading “Our favorite photographs from 2021”

How to measure all the world’s fresh water

The Congo River is the world’s second-largest river system after the Amazon. More than 75 million people depend on it for food and water, as do thousands of species of plants and animals that live in the swamps and peatlands it supports. The massive tropical rainforest sprawled across its middle helps regulate the entire Earth’sContinue reading “How to measure all the world’s fresh water”

2021 was the year of monster AI models

It’s been a year of supersized AI models.  When OpenAI released GPT-3, in June 2020, the neural network’s apparent grasp of language was uncanny. It could generate convincing sentences, converse with humans, and even autocomplete code. GPT-3 was also monstrous in scale—larger than any other neural network ever built. It kicked off a whole new trend inContinue reading “2021 was the year of monster AI models”

The architect making friends with flooding

For years, Beijing landscape architect Yu Kongjian was ridiculed by his fellow citizens as a backward thinker. Some even called him an American spy—a nod to his doctorate from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and his opposition to dams, those symbols of power and progress in modern China. Yu’s transgression: he advised working with water,Continue reading “The architect making friends with flooding”

Your exposure to tech stocks is much greater than you think

Your exposure to tech stocks is much greater than you think — Lenore Albert (@LenoreAlbert19) Dec 20, 2021 from Twitter December 20, 2021 at 02:00PM via IFTTT