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Laptops alone can’t bridge the digital divide

In May 2020, two months after covid-19 shut down schools and public life around the world, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that he was giving $10 million to California’s Oakland Unified School District to purchase 25,000 Chromebooks. Dorsey tweeted that his donation was intended “to give EVERY single child in Oakland access to a laptopContinue reading “Laptops alone can’t bridge the digital divide”

An uber-optimistic view of the future

Maybe it never truly went away. But these days techno-­optimism—the kind that raged in the late 1990s and early 2000s and then dried up and turned to pessimism during the last decade—is once again bubbling up. The pessimism over the real-world impacts of apps and social media has turned into unbounded hope—at least among theContinue reading “An uber-optimistic view of the future”

We are awash in digital light

The computer scientist Alvy Ray Smith cofounded both Lucasfilm’s computer graphics division and Pixar Animation Studios. For those achievements alone, he is one of the most important technological innovators in cinema since at least the end of the Second World War. But Smith is not a Hollywood guy, and his intriguing, foundational new book AContinue reading “We are awash in digital light”

How computing has transformed

It’s time we began to “fixate on data” to solve our problems, says one of the world’s leading experts in data science. In 2006, Jeannette Wing, then the head of the computer science department at Carnegie Mellon University, published an influential essay titled “Computational Thinking,” arguing that everyone would benefit from using the conceptual toolsContinue reading “How computing has transformed”

Yup’ik fishing ancestry inspires Alaskan engineer and author

Yup’ik fishing ancestry inspires Alaskan engineer and author — Lenore Albert (@LenoreAlbert19) Oct 27, 2021 from Twitter October 26, 2021 at 08:19PM via IFTTT