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These impossible instruments could change the future of music

When Gadi Sassoon met Michele Ducceschi backstage at a rock concert in Milan in 2016, the idea of making music with mile-long trumpets blown by dragon fire, or guitars strummed by needle-thin alien fingers, wasn’t yet on his mind. At the time, Sassoon was simply blown away by the everyday sounds of the classical instrumentsContinue reading “These impossible instruments could change the future of music”

3 space science questions that computing is helping to answer

As space scientists collect more and more data, observatories around the world are finding new ways to apply supercomputing, cloud computing, and deep learning to make sense of it all. Here are some examples of how these technologies are changing the way astronomers study space.  What happens when black holes collide? As a postdoctoral studentContinue reading “3 space science questions that computing is helping to answer”

How Alibaba tracks China’s delivery drivers

Mr. Fu, a driver in Beijing for the food delivery service Eleme, makes about a dozen deliveries per shift. But he could make more—and spill less—if he didn’t have to constantly get his phone out to update his status. “I have to log in every few minutes on the app to avoid being penalized ifContinue reading “How Alibaba tracks China’s delivery drivers”

Hello, from the mysterious world of computing

I’m Mat Honan, the new editor in chief of MIT Technology Review. This is the first issue of the magazine I’ve had the pleasure of working on. Maybe you have been reading Technology Review for years, like me. Or maybe this is your first issue. Either way, I’m excited by the opportunity to make thisContinue reading “Hello, from the mysterious world of computing”

How we covered the evolution of computing

February 1969 From “Man, Machine, and Information Flight Systems”: The flight of Apollo 8 to the moon involved obtaining and processing more bits of data than were used by all fighting forces in World War II. The technological achievement in developing advanced rockets for flying to the moon is reasonably well known. Much less understood,Continue reading “How we covered the evolution of computing”

Be a good example

Freshman year of high school, my boyfriend asked, “What’s it like having her around all the time?” He meant Kim. The bell for third period rang. I shifted against him, a combination lock pressed into my back, lockers slamming around us. Our mouths were still so close. I’d been wondering if he also felt hotContinue reading “Be a good example”